American Educational Research Association (AERA)

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

The AERA GSC is happy to announce that the “Behind the curtain: Inside insights in writing a high-quality AERA proposal” webinar that took place on June 28th is now available for streaming. In addition, we have included the resources that were shared during the webinar.

  • See here for the recording of the webinar.
  • The GSC encourages you to submit a proposal to the 2018 AERA convention and allow this recorded webinar to assist you in that process.
  • Also, should you wish to collaborate to compose a proposal for the 2018 AERA convention, please add your name and contact information here.
  • This is a self-managed list, so please feel free to reach out directly to any student listed there that you wish to collaborate with.
  • For sample AERA proposals see here.
  • We wish to support all graduate students in their professional development needs so please sign up for our mailing list to receive additional information.

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